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Beyond The Hype

I've been there already

Amala Susaimanickam

This is a great place to add a tagline.

This is Amala out here. I am not a full-time traveller, but a travel enthusiast. I work as a business consultant, which naturally feeds my interest of travelling. My choice of travel is not very specific, on the other hand, I love variety in my travel - variety in landscapes, culture, climate, trails and people.  

I travel to multiple countries officially, but I spend my personal time as well over there enjoying the amazing beauty. Being Indian, I travel to multiple places in India as well for vacation. Every time, I plan for a travel at a very last minute, and with a limited budget of course, I realized that there is no-one stop info that could help me with the exact truth, and hence the blog.

I do photograph, of course, with the help and learning from my friend, colleague (who happens to be my co-traveller as well every time), Yogi Venkatesan. He is an amazing photographer, and you can see all my blogs filled with photos watermarked with Yogi. 

This is about me and the simple thought behind the blog. You can always contact me at  Info@mysite.com