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India - a country of diversity and heritage! Well, I hail from the southern India, working in Northern India, what about rest of the directions? Well, I cover all the directions of my life in India - a vacation!  

India is an interesting place - Be it hilly greens or a glowing desert, or silky snow or adventure roads, India is a mother of  diverse landscapes and varying weather. Go to chill north-east India, chillest Himalayas, hot Hyderabad and hottest Rajasthan and enjoy the temperature scales. From spicy south-Indian food to buttery old-Delhi to tasty Calcutta, the taste of India is incredible. Forts, palaces, monuments, busy streets, colorful temples, soulful sculptures - India beholds a crux of amazement and adventure.

Knowing where you are born, knowing your strengths, knowing your country will always stay in your mind as the richest treasure!

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